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​For Choir, Ensemble and Mezzo Soprano

Desiderata was written for an ensemble, choir and a soloist, Ekaterina Levental (mezzo soprano and harp). This monumental composition is based on the famous poem „Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann. (written in 1927) .

Duration: ’60 minutes. 


Desiderata means ‘things desired’. For generations, this poem has been considered as a mirror for the human soul. It is often displayed in houses, kept in wallets, and even used for tattoos. As a constant point of reference, the Desiderata serves as a guideline for many lives.


Preview performances

The first preview performance of this composition was given in the summer 2013 during the Glasperlenspiel Music Festival in Tartu (Estonia) and was a part of Ensemble NOMAD’s concert program. This short version (18’ min) of Desiderata was performed by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Ensemble NOMAD (Japan) and a soloist Ekaterina Levental. 


Following the great success of these preview performances, the Via Nobel Foundation and Ensemble NOMAD decided to realize the complete (60 min) version of this work in the near future. 

Watch preview concert in 2013 in Estonia on Youtube. 

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